Dyeing Your Own Hair Ombre


With money tight and salon prices high, it’s becoming more and more appealing to learn how to dye your own hair ombre. Lucky for you, despite looking complicated, it’s really not to difficult to do at home. With bleach, a hair dye kit, an old shirt for protection, and enough time, your hair will have an extra special touch to it that will make you look incredible.
Start by choosing what color you want and figuring out where exactly you want the dye and your natural hair to meet. For a more realistic look, choose a color that isn’t too far off from what you have and pick a few different lengths to blend the ombre at. Once you’ve decided, section off your brushed hair into manageable sections. First apply the bleach as evenly as possible to your hair and let it sit. A longer wait time will make your hair lighter and take the new color easily, but too long will damage your hair too much, so use caution with this step.
Once you’ve rinsed and shampooed out the bleach with warm water, allow it to dry completely before sectioning it off again. Repeat the same process as before but with the hair dye now. Follow the box instructions to avoid damaging your hair and ruining the look. Once the color is set, again wash and condition it in warm water. When all is said and done and dry, your hair will have a gorgeous ombre effect that will stun both you and anyone else that has the pleasure to see you.